Mango fruit imports

Profile of imported mango fruit


The main characteristics of Mango:


Mango imports:

The main producing countries are Pakistan and India mango fruit

Primrose Fakhrbhnad company to have access to healthy fruits and organic utilizes the expertise of the mango fruit quality control, as their imported product and provide all the needs of the end consumer.


  Why Mango?

Beautiful mango tree that reaches a height of up to 10 meters. Mango India and Malaysia and Burma origin but is now cultivated in all tropical and tropical Mnaq. Mango existed 4000 years ago.

Spear-shaped leaves, the flowers are yellow or red and there are cluster. Fruit or Mango Mango is called the oval and has pleasant flavor and sweet and has a relatively large core. Mango arrives in early May to early September is available.

Sindri finest mango species (Sindhri) and Chvnsa (Chaunsa) product Pakistan and India in cartons of 10 and 8 kg imported and supplied.

The main properties of mango:

It is believed that Mango will soothe the intestines during digestion. In India the mango to stop the bleeding, strengthen the heart and brain benefits are used. Because iron in mango, for the treatment of anemia benefits. Mango contains urushiol from poison ivy is that, though much less. Some people have skin inflammation caused by touching the skin or sap. In addition to the skin of fruit and mango pickle and jam making an extract which has astringent effects.

Gargle this juice, mixed with a little water is used for sore throat and tonsillar Oram. Mango skin contains 15 to 18 tannins and a teaspoon of crushed two times a day is enough to treat diarrhea. Gum tree Gum Arabic is slightly soluble in water and forms. The mango fruit is sour and astringent followed by overstay in the tree, a little sweet. Mango fruit smell is like pliers. Nourishing body and soul and the gastrointestinal tract. Strengthens the kidneys and bladder.

Mango Storage temperature:

Mango fruit should be picked a week before the full reach and at a temperature of 9 ° C at a relative humidity of 90-85% to be shipped refrigerated machines.

To hold the mango warehouse must meet the following requirements apply:

Transportation of fruit should be placed in storage on a regular basis so that the air flow is established between them freely.

(1) 90 -85% relative humidity and the temperature is 20-16 ° C.

2. In these conditions, the fruit for 21-14 days can be stored in the warehouse.