Export of vegetables

Export of vegetables

Fakher Behnad Pamchal Co., with supplying the best quality Iranian fruits to internationally valued international markets, has become a renowned name in targeted countries.
Exporting fruits, after hand-washing, are disinfected in the workshops equipped with the company and then the sourcing and packing operations are performed on the fruits.
The use of the latest technologies in the world of packaging, including controlled atmosphere, nanotechnology in plastic packaging, vacuum and a variety of organic preservatives, preserves the fresh and high quality of the product to the destination and end-user use of the true flavor of the fruit Iran has become.
The company also utilizes the most equipped land and sea containers with cooling and cooling controls, humidity and air circulation for transportation of fruits and vegetables. Terms of transportation and maintenance of each product are calculated and adjusted according to the length of the route and the weather conditions.
Fakhr Behnad Pamchal fruit and products are now exported to export destinations such as the Persian Gulf, India, Pakistan and Khordoor.


Export of vegetables
Vegetables: Cabbage leaves – Lettuce – Celery – Spinach – Cauliflower – Broccoli

canbbage leaves